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Seur (Ciudad Real)

A total of 21W LED downlights have been installed in the working spaces of SEUR offices in Ciudad Real replacing the existing fluorescent lamps.

Due to the height of the large industrial warehouse of SEUR, 35 units of the powerful ENERLUM BL240 have been installed granting a homogenous level of illumination and complying with the regulation marked by the Spanish technical code for buildings (CTE).

The Enerlum LED lamps are the perfect product to replace metal-halide lamp lamps saving more than 40% and improving the lighting conditions of the installations. They are manufactured using the highest quality materials and, thanks to special heat sinks, have more than 80,000 hours useful life. In this lamp we used the Luxeon TX LED with efficiency higher than 140 lm/W so that the final result of efficiency of the lighting is among the highest in the market.

The 21W ENERLUM LED Downlight is a high performance downlight designed to replace traditional fluorescence downlights with 18W and 26W lamps.

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