We are official distributors of the lighting brand Enerlum, which has the highest performance in the market.

It has a team of professionals with the ability to capture the needs of our customers and offer the most appropriate solution in each case to achieve the greatest savings and the highest possible level of energy efficiency in your installation.


I+D ENERGÍAS develops integrated energy efficiency projects for public institutions and administrations as well as for any kind of industry and business of any size.

Implementation of the standard

ISO 50001


As part of the commitment to accompany the client in the efficiency path, the energy department of I+D ENERGÍAS carries out the installation for our clients. With the implantation of the Energy Management System the following objectives are pursued:

  • Energy savings and therefore a reduction of the energy cost of the company.
  • Professional energy purchase.
  • Optimization of contracted power.
  • Advice on energy saving.
  • Training in energy efficiency.

Gestor Energético

Scope of the service we offer

Invoice optimization

The analysis of invoices received optimizes the different parameters such as contract type, contracted power, reactive power, attendance costs, etc. Simulating bills monthly.

Professional energy purchase

The search for the best energy offers allows us to enjoy the best prices, not only by finding the cheapest supplier but also performing an well-timed purchase.

Energy reports

Realization of monthly energy reports of analysis of consumption by different periods (weekly, monthly, ...), comparative between different periods, etc.

Processing of subsidies

Processing of the various subsidies that are currently in place related to energy efficiency and energy.

Efficiency proposals

Proposals for implementation of measures related to energy saving.

Technical advice on energy

Specialized technical advice focused on investments and proposals of modification of the energy production.


I+D ENERGÍAS has a team of energy auditors that allows us to offer our clients the solutions that best suit their needs.

Energy audits were born with the crisis of the early 1970s, in an environment similar to the current one and characterized by continuous increases in energy prices.

A proper energy management has an immediate impact on the operating account of the client.

Energy costs, regardless the sector or activity of the installation, can be calculated and we will help you to do so.

Our energy audits, after a first inspection, rigorously and meticulously analyse the different energy flows in those places where the activity is carried out. Through numerous measurements, we seek to reduce energy consumption, while always maintaining the same standards of performance, comfort, health and safety, or improving them, when possible. At the end of the study, we identify and define a series of savings measures as well as an operation plan for each of them, accompanying the client in its implementation.

Auditorías Energéticas

If necessary, I+D Energías might finance the necessary investments through an ESCO.

The solutions we offer not only have to be technically feasible but also have to be economically very profitable, establishing a short recovery period.

At I+D Energías we guarantee that the cost of carrying out the energy audit will always be lower than the savings obtained. In addition, we assist you in processing applications for the subsidies granted by the public administrations within your reach, if any.

Energy Service Company (ESCO)

Our vocation at I+D ENERGÍAS is to be involved with the client and with the solutions we offer, so in projects with a certain complexity we promote the implementation of an ESCO, as a way of financing.

The ESCO will assume what is called Performance Guarantee since it charges its services based on the efficiency obtained.

Implementation of the Solutions

The implementation of the solutions is carried out by experts with a deep knowledge of the technologies, financing options and needs of the client.

Energy Service Company

In order to get a clearer idea, these are the differences between an ESCO and other investment financing options like renting or a 'turnkey' project.

Options Cost Solution Financing Opening commission Type of interest
Turnkey 100 No 0 % 0 %
Renting 100 Si 0,25 % 6,5 %
ESCO 100 No 0 % 7,50 %


Installation /Online Monitoring

The installation of hardware in the fiscal controller allows to analyse consumptions and obtain guidelines of conduct, as well as to identify passive consumptions.

Establishment of alarms

Establishment of alarms in order to inform the client, via message, of unwanted consumption, power outages, etc.

Savings and efficiency solutions that arise from our own need.

The concept of supervision and control of energy facilities has changed in recent years. Traditionally the priority was to ensure the comfort and correct operation of the installations. Nowadays energy facilities are also required to be more efficient.

I+D Energías, thanks to the experience acquired carrying out more than 70 installations, is aware of this shift and its consequences in the supervision, management and proper control of the installations. In fact, the decision to invest in the development of the EXEON tool was initially motivated by the necessity to improve the efficiency of our premises.

EXEON Supervision and Control Systems have proven over time to be a strong ally in order to obtain a continuous improvement of energy efficiency and savings in heat generation systems and electric generation facilities.

There is a customized solution for all the parties involved in the energy management of the heat systems and electric installations. From the installer to the owner, through the maintainer and the manager, everyone benefits from a tool that helps them in their work by improving the efficiency of the facilities. EXEON provides a great added value in each of its phases: supervision, analysis, performance and evaluation.

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Remote Management and Monitoring

Remote Management and Monitoring

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