Who we are

A world of energy solutions

Headquarters of I+D ENERGÍAS in Ciudad Real

Aware of the importance of the development of renewable energies in the transition to a cleaner world, I+D Energías founders decided to join forces in 2008 putting together a multidisciplinary team of professionals able to offer a wide range of services in the fields of energy efficiency, energy savings, engineering and consulting to public and private entities and research groups. I+D Energías has been growing ever since.

We provides custom solutions for energy efficiency and energy savings.

We make simple and available to every client the most specialized engineering project they decide to undertake. We deliver turnkey projects and we carry out them from start to finish, including consulting, project drafting, financing and implementation as well as any kind of fiscal, financial or technical issue that may arise.

I+D Energías only uses high quality materials and components from top tier manufacturers while our projects are backed by the most trustworthy and solvent financial institutions. High quality and investment security are our strengths.

I+D Energías international

I+D ENERGÍAS finds itself in the middle of a sustained high-paced international expansion. Our leadership in the development, implementation and maintenance of photovoltaic projects and innovative energy efficiency solutions allows us to be highly competitive in foreign markets.

The renewable energy sector has been increasingly profitable for investors over the last years. I+D Energias encourages investment groups to take advantage of the unstoppable development of renewable energies offering a wide range of investment possibilities.

Although the once called "alternative energies" are now a consolidated reality and constitute an important part of the energy mix in several countries there is still so much to do in order complete the energy transition. Our mission at I+D ENERGÍAS is to contribute to this process with professionalism, innovation and vocation of service.

I+D Energías international

Commercial branches in Spain

I+D Energías was initially active in the Ciudad Real province, expanding over the years in the Spanish territory. Currently we are present with commercial branches in all the autonomous communities of Spain while our commercial network reaches many foreign countries mainly in Europe and Latin America.

Our company’s commercial branches are shown in the following link, Commercial branches