Ávalon (Madrid)

The work carried out in the Ávalon delegation in Madrid represents a brilliant change in the appearance of the building, since actions have been carried out in the outside of the building, mainly in the parking, where it has been possible to achieve the compliance with the public lighting regulation of this area, with savings of more than 54%.

The acronym 'PAR' stands for parabolic aluminized reflector lamp and its principle is based on reflection. With the PAR collection by Enerlum we can replace every light bulb with different lenses and opening angles offering a much more efficient lighting solution. These lamps have been used in different types of wall lamps and track mounted projectors used in different facilities like hotels, restaurants and shops.

The Enerlum A70 model is suitable for replacing a large number of wall lamps and ceiling lamps with incandescent bulbs and traditional low consumption bulbs with a total saving up to 80%. With this type of lamp we can achieve significant savings replacing incandescent lamps up to 100W while maintaining the warmth of traditional bulbs.

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