Restaurant Malena (Murcia)

The installation of several ENERLUM indoor lamps in the restaurant Malena embodies the perfect example for a centre like this, obtaining savings of more than 80% by replacing a technology as inefficient as incandescence.

An energy stabilizer model T-1000 has been installed generating a saving up to 10% of the energy tariff.

Candle lamp designed for restaurants and homes have been used to replace incandescent candles. With this type of lamp it is possible to save up to 80% while maintaining the same levels of luminosity and reducing maintenance costs. These lamps are suitable to replace incandescent lamps between 40W and 60W.

ENERLUM presents a new series of basic lighting for homes and restaurants with the highest light performance and 30,000 hours of useful life. These lamps are perfect for installation in places where the highest performance is sought.

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