Reale Seguros (Madrid)

Reale Seguros, a renewed Spanish insurance company, after the establishment of its facilities in Príncipe de Vergara street in Madrid, has chosen the ENERLUM brand for the lighting of the 7 floors of the building as well as the 2 basements of the parking. All the lighting installed is based on LED technology with a lifespan above 50,000 hours. There are more than 650 LED panels model P BL1-40 installed in the offices of the installation.

The lighting located in areas with natural sunlight are regulated by the ENERLUM SE21 light sensor allowing extra savings of up to 40% thanks to the 1-10V led dimmer. Through these intelligent systems, workers benefit from an increased comfort in their workplace, while Reales Seguros establishes itself as a leading company in terms of commitment with the environment thanks to its collaboration with I+D Energías.

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