Thales Group (Madrid)

The headquarters of the company Thales Group located in Madrid have been completely renovated in their lighting trough the installation of 1050 LED panels model ENERLUM PBL1-40 and 198 downlights model ENERLUM DL8-B18. Through this measure of energy efficiency the company expects to save 60% of the lighting component of its electricity bill.

Measures of home automation and lighting control have been carried out, establishing different work areas controlled by presence detectors in order to maximize the savings obtained while maintaining the comfort of the workers.

In order to take advantage of the large amount of natural light available in the facilities adjustable panels have been used. Thanks to the ENERLUM light sensors these panels are automatically dimmed according to the natural light available at any time, maintaining an optimal lighting level while consuming only the strictly necessary amount of energy.

Thanks to the installation of LED luminaires of the ENERLUM brand, the maintenance team will not have carry out constant replacement of fluorescent tubes as it was usual prior to the renovation by I+D Energías.

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