Mestanza (Ciudad Real)

The municipality of Mestanza, a town located in Castilla la Mancha in the province of Ciudad Real, has been the pioneer in this province by renewing its traditional lighting, which relied on technologies such as mercury-vapor or sodium-vapor, with a much more efficient technology such as LED.

The result has been spectacular resulting in savings in electricity bill of over 80% as well as an aesthetic lift obtained replacing the orange light lamps with a comfortable white light provided by ENERLUM outdoor luminaires.

The Enerlum EXT28 is a 28W LED luminaire ideal for installation in residential and street lighting with a height not exceeding 5 meters allowing replacement of sodium-vapor and metal halide luminaries up to 100W of power, providing savings of up to 70%.

The EnerVilla modules are the ideal solution for ornamental luminaires present in town halls. They allow substituting the traditional technologies in luminaries such as Villa, Fernandina, Isabelina and any existing lantern since it is tailored for each project. A Villa module with 36 LEDs can replace sodium-vapor lamps up to 100W.

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