Outdoor and Underground Parkings

Parking Reale Seguros (Madrid)

Reale Seguros, a renewed Spanish insurance company, after the establishment of its facilities in Príncipe de Vergara street in Madrid, has chosen the ENERLUM brand for the lighting of the 7 floors of the building as well as the 2 basements of the parking. All the lighting installed is based on LED technology with a lifespan above 50,000 hours. There are more than 650 LED panels model P BL1-40 installed in the offices of the installation.

The lighting located in areas with natural sunlight is regulated by the ENERLUM SE21 light sensor allowing extra savings of up to 40% thanks to the 1-10V led dimmer. Through these intelligent systems, workers benefit from an increased comfort in their workplace, while Reales Seguros establishes itself as a leading company in terms of commitment with the environment thanks to its collaboration with I+D Energías.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize the work carried out in the 2 parking floors of the building. By means of the installation of ENERLUM waterproof lamps, the values established in UNE 12464.I for the lighting of indoor parking areas have been achieved. The aforementioned norm establishes different requirements for each area (exit ramps, main areas of circulation and secondary areas parking).

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