Departament Stores

E.Leclerc (Ciudad Real)

The supply and installation of material made in the E.Leclerc in Ciudad Real stands out as one of the reference projects of I+D Energias with the ENERLUM brand.

The installation of 180 LED lamps of the model BL 244 of ENERLUM generates an increase in the lighting levels with respect to the previously lighting. In the areas of greengrocers, fishmongers and meat counters additional lighting has been installed: LED Downlights of 45W and special LED tubes for meat counters. Total installed products: 1800 Enerlum LED tubes, 180 BL244 LED Enerlum, 317 Downlights 45W Enerlum and 20 Enerlum EXt56.

The high performance of these products allows the substitution of a great variety of products with very high savings. It is a high flow product designed to replace downlight metal halide up to 150W. It is suitable for the lighting of showcases from a high altitude, as well as to illuminate corridors in stores selling different products.

The Enerlum EXT56 is a 65W LED luminaire ideal for installation in residential and street lighting with a height not exceeding 7 meters allowing replacement of with sodium-vapor and metal halide luminaries up to 150W of power, providing savings of up to 70%.

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