Power Energetic

Power Energetic promotes a good use of energy by obtaining at the same time relevant savings in the electricity bill.

If you would like to know more about electric vehicle chargers, visit the following link Power Energetic.

Nowadays it is a priority for all governments to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions in order to comply with the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol.

The Spanish government, as well as several institutions at a local or regional level, promotes campaigns in order to raise the awareness of the citizens regarding a good use of energy.

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Why installing a charging point?

Customer Service
There are more and more electric vehicle drivers who need to charge while they are parked in your company’s premises. In the future it will be like offering a WIFI network to customers...

Improving your image
lectric vehicles are not mainstream yet; managing a charging point will promote the green image and commitment to the environment of your company. Have it published on local media: it won’t be advertising, it will be news.

Inclusion in ecological tourist routes
Electric drivers are a passionate community that creates "electric" tourist routes and maps of places where they can charge their car.

Fleet of vehicles
If the company has its own electric fleet it could benefit from its charging points as well. For example it could be offered a public use during the day while at night the company fleet can be charged.

Mandatory in new constructions or renovation of existing buildings according to Spanish regulation (ITC-BT-52)
Join the new era of electric vehicles!

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Advantages of the installation of charging points for electric vehicles

Services included with installation
Software, communications and call center without costs until May 2017.

Equipment with standard communications
The company is not tied to us.

Business Model FlexibilityFree or paid options for energy.

Adapted to each client
Multi-manufacturer system that seeks the lowest possible cost depending on the needs of the company: Parking covered/outdoor, slow /fast charge, free energy/paid energy, etc.

Simplifies management
Communication in case of incidence and possibility to obtain reports regarding the amount of energy consumed and the numbers of charges.

Connected to the sector
Largest online platform for free and paid charging points in Spain.

Local installation and maintenance
You will be able to check at any time the number of charges, the dates and the exact hours when they started/ended. This way you will have full control over the activity of your charging point.

Private and company fleets

Empresas - Energía Verde

One charging point for 40 slots

Public parking

Estacionamientos públicos - Energía Verde

Business models: energy sales

Requirements to sell power to drivers:

How to be a manager of the charging point

In order to operate it’s needed to be holder of TPA contract of the supply point

Legal requirements (Spain):

Include the possibility to sell and purchase electricity in the corporate bylaws.

Report the start of activity to the DG Energy Policy and Mines.

Submit for each charging point a security deposit for the access toll managed by the distribution company.

Record in each installation the amount of consumption destined to the charge of electric vehicles.

Carry out the activity at least once a year.

Installations with P> 5MW (0.5 MW in islands) must be connected to a control center that allows them to set the network manager's instructions.